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Common questions


Escape Rooms are generally themed rooms that you enter with the intention of solving a series of puzzles and riddles to come to a collective goal. Players enter in real time and are given an hour to complete it. There is always the ability to receive clues or hints whenever you feel you need a push in the right direction. Solving these puzzles are highly logic based and require little to no prior knowledge as you are given all the components needed to find your answers once inside.

The Lab: Outbreak and Vikings: Age of Axe are designed for ages 10 and up, however, we would like to disclaim that simply for a fear factor the Lab might scare younger children. 

Vampires: The Time has Come when it becomes available will be ages 18 and up

We would also like to state that a guardian is required to be inside the room with children if they are between the ages of 10 and 14. If they are 15 years and older it is up to the discretion of the guardian whether or not they would like to be present in the room with them, however, a guardian is required for any minor below the age of 18 to sign the waiver for them no matter what.

All of our games are designed for a maximum of 6 people and a minimum of 2.

Unfortunately that’s part of the secret and part of the fun. Come find out!

The safety of our customers is of course top priority. Due to fire safety and other emergency possibilities the door you enter through is never actually locked and there are other emergency exits as well should anything happen. All the rooms are under CCTV surveillance at all times while the players are inside as well.

We don’t recommend any individuals with claustrophobia, epilepsy, or fear of dark places participate in our games, however, we can assure you there are no surprises as far as unexpected people in the room with you.

You will have a maximum of one hour (60 minutes) to complete the game, however, we do request that all participants arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled reservations for sign in, use of restrooms, and a quick briefing on rules and storyline. All together from arrival to departure should be no more than 90 mins

If you are late for your game, it will be started without you!

We are located on the second floor of the building and are unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. We do not have any special requirements to participate.

We are located in Downtown Miami, at 540 N. Miami Av. 2nd Floor, Miami, 33136

Parking is available on North 6th street as well as on North Miami Avenue. Apart from street parking our building is located on the corner of North 6ths street and North Miami Ave and there is also a “pay by the hour” lot diagonal from our building available for public parking.