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The Escape Zone is Miami's premier live room escape games destination.
Our craftily designed games are ready to thrill, challenge, and inspire individuals, families, groups and corporate teams alike.
Unravel mysteries, solve riddles, and decode clues within 60 minutes!

Whether you beat the clock or not- you will have an exhilarating, and memorable brain-teasing experience like none other!


CSI Game

Psycho Killer (Catch him or die!)

You find yourself working an unusual case of investigator’s abduction. Did she leave enough forensic evidence to lead you to the suspect? Will you find Amanda dead or alive?




60 min.



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Royal Heist

There is no castle without a Mystery. You must save the King. You must find the one true royal Crown. Everybody else failed. You are the last King’s resort. But beware: you only have 60 minutes. Good luck.




60 min.



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The Dungeon: Chains & Crosses

Medieval Inquisition is not for the light-hearted! Chains and crosses are there to hold you back! You need a strong will to live to escape the Dungeon's mysteries!




60 min.



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The Escape Zone Rules

You have 60 minutes to escape from the room. All the clues needed to solve the puzzles are in the room; they just need to be uncovered.

Please solve all puzzles by using critical thinking and not by physical power. This is an intellectual game, so if your idea for solving a particular puzzle or unlocking the lock involves brute force or actions that might put you or your team-mates in danger (such as moving large furniture and etc.) you are definitely on the wrong track!

You are able to ask for help 3 times during the game to have your time officially count. More hints will be given, if needed. However, your time will not count.

The rooms are equipped with security cameras to monitor safety and track progress of the participants.

Please exit the same unlocked door in case of an emergency.

Good Luck & Have Fun!

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Birthday Parties

Each milestone is unique and exciting so why not celebrate in the same way? Challenge yourself and your friends! Our uniquely designed games are perfect to create lasting memories for years to come!
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Who is it for?


Create lasting memories with family and friends with a real-life escape adventure.
Based on online room escape games, the Escape Zone is an experience that you just can’t have virtually!
For 60 minutes you will feel the adrenaline heighten as each member of your crew works to discover clues and crack hidden codes around the room. Will your group unlock the doors to freedom? Enter if you will. Escape if you can!

Team Building

Escape Zone is a unique way to assemble, motivate and keep a great team. Room escape games are designed around cooperation and rely on each players’ strengths; making them an effective way to integrate new staff, stimulate creative problem-solving techniques and inspire higher-functioning teamwork. Executives, managers and their teams who have played say that the Escape Zone helped with employee and workplace morale. Bring your team for an all-inclusive and affordable adventure.


Birthdays, Graduations, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs have been celebrated at the Escape Zone! Our high-energy event coordinators will ensure your group has the most memorable experience! Fill out the form below, or call and we will contact you to discuss the best way to accommodate your needs.

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