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Immersive escape rooms in South Florida, delivering a unique experience since 2016!

Getting in is easy but to get out might be more challenging!

Our games are designed for a minimum of two players and a maximum of six, so whether you want to have a unique date night or gather five other brilliant minds we guarantee an experience for everyone! You will be given 60 minutes to solve numerous puzzles, riddles and navigate our intricate rooms.

For first timers or escape room enthusiasts, get ready for an incredibly fun, original and one of a kind adventure!

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Your team has stumbled upon a shrine hidden deep in Scandinavia dedicated to the Norse gods of old; seeking shelter from a sudden rain you rush inside. A brief laughter fills the air as the door immediately closes and locks behind you; it appears the gods are looking to play a game. Some lanterns illuminate a locked cabinet where a key dangles on a chain inside and various other objects that are suspiciously placed. As you pull one of the lanterns from the wall to get a better look you hear the voice of Odin.

Nobody has entered the facility since the outbreak 6 months ago. Dr. Fields had stayed behind, determined to create the antivirus, but unfortunately we lost contact with him 2 weeks ago and have now assumed the worst. The lab has one hour of emergency power remaining and our top priority is to recover what was left behind, so we need your team to go in and piece together the data Fields collected to hopefully save humanity. The fate of the world rests in your hands, good luck!

Legend tells of creature that moved through the night preying on the blood of helpless victims, though it is said that he was hunted down never to be seen or heard from again his glorious manor remains a mystery. As enthusiast of all things macabre your decision to explore the abandoned manor suddenly gives you and overwhelming feeling of dread. Despite the overgrown suitcase, the house that stands before you is indeed occupied by someone and he does not appreciate uninvited guests. There is no telling if the rumors are true but why wait to find out, you’d better gather your bearings and move quickly to survive the night! 


Book your desired escape room online

All our games are bookable online. Quite simple and uncomplicated – unlike some of our puzzles…


You're given an hour, but can you do it faster?

Always shoot for the stars right? Try and beat our fastest times with as little clues as possible!


Work together, 2 brains are better than 1!

A different perspective might solve the puzzle, share the work!

Wow this place is totally amazing!


This place was wonderful. We booked our escape room at 7 and ended up at the wrong escape room. We called and explained what happened. They stayed open for us and still gave us our whole hour experience!! They were very professional and they followed the Covid safety guidelines. I will most definitely be back!!

We had a great time, so good that we did two

The four of us had a great time. There were two parents and two teenagers. We did Vikings Valhalla and then because we had such a good time and some extra time, we did another: “LAB: Outbreak”. Vikings was a nice layout with three rooms and some clever puzzles. LAB had more combining information and sorting through it.



Thanks for a fun hour!

Super interesting, exciting, and intriguing! Strongly recommend to everyone who is looking for some riddles and adventures! Would definitely come back again.

Liz, Joey & Alice

Best suited for

Friends & Family

If you are planning a fun and memorable friends and family outing then this is the most fun place to be.

Corporate teams

Put a team of 6 in each room and compete to see who makes it out first!


Don’t miss out on one of Miami’s Premier escape room experiences while you are visiting South Florida.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Make that special date even more special with an escape room missions for young and old.


Celebrating the end of your exams? Bring your classmates and have a blast in one of our escape rooms.

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