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Enter as a group - escape as a team

Two to six players. 60 minutes time. Numerous puzzles, brain-teasers and surprises. Unique escape room adventure that is suitable for experienced players as well as those looking for something new.

Get ready for an incredibly fun, original and one of a kind adventure!

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2 hours ago

We will definitely be back!

Shocking start and brand new puzzles and interesting riddles which we haven’t seen before. A must see and visit for all of the escape room fans of all ages!

Brad & Jensen


6 hours ago

Thanks for a fun hour!

Super interesting, exciting, and intriguing! Strongly recommend to everyone who is looking for some riddles and adventures! Would definitely come back again.

Liz, Joey & Alice

Team spirit brings us closer

Original, exciting, fascinating and something very special whether for your partner, family or friend. A tricky puzzle fun for friends and family alike.


One common goal

Follow traces and stay calm while trying to escape from the locked room within the given time. Only together can the goal be achieved and everyone is being challenged.


Everyone can decide

Some are better at logical thinking, others at calculation, third at connecting things. To escape from a room you will need all of these skills.


Select your mission

Take a journey into the land of the Vikings! Explore and discover the path to Valhalla! Do you have what it takes to make it to the afterlife in one piece?

During a routine walkthrough in Jekyll’s bio-weapon facility, a catastrophic uncontrolled mutation wreaked havoc in their labs. Find your way out of the lab before the mutated specimen finds you and your team.

In your search for great adventures, you have come across an ancient tale that contains a long-forgotten legend. To survive, you have to find the key that will grant you safe passage to the surface.