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CSI in Miami escape zone

Where is Amanda?

Category: CSI Game


You find yourself working an unusual case of investigator’s abduction. Did she leave enough forensic evidence to lead you to the suspect? Will you find Amanda dead or alive? 

Difficulty: 8/10                                        Time: 60 min.                                   Persons: 4-14
the castle room escape game

Quest for the Crown

Category: Fantasy


There is no court without a Jester. There is no castle without a Mystery. You must save the King. You must outsmart the Jester. You must find the one true royal Crown. Everybody else failed. You are the last King’s resort. But beware: you only have 60 minutes. Good luck.

Difficulty: 9/10      Time: 60 min             Persons: 2-10
The Dungeon Room escape game in Miami

The Dungeon: Chains & Crosses

Category: Adventure


Ever wonder how the prisoners felt 500 years ago? Being chained and tortured? 60 minutes is all you have to make a decision and escape the Medieval Dungeon!

Chains and crosses will be holding you back, will to live will make you think fast!

Difficulty: 7/10         Time: 60 min                 Persons: 8 max


Birthday Parties, Team Building!

Team building, birthday party escape games Miami

Medieval Mysteries

Category: Adventure/Fantasy

The only game in town designed for larger groups. Tons of fun and challenge for every participant. We have designed this room to make everyone work together and have the most fun.

Thinking, team work and good logic is a must, not the usual search and find game!

Difficulty: 9/10         Time: 60 min            Persons: 12-20


Who is it for?


Create lasting memories with family and friends with a real-life escape adventure.  Based on online room escape games, the Escape Zone is an experience that you just can’t have- virtually! For 60 minutes you will feel the adrenaline heighten as each member of your crew works to discover clues and crack hidden codes around the room. Will your group unlock the doors to freedom?

Enter if you will.  Escape if you can!

Corporate Team Building

Escape Zone is a unique way to assemble, motivate and keep a great team.  Room escape games are designed around cooperation and rely on each players’ strengths; making them an effective way to integrate new staff, stimulate creative problem-solving techniques and inspire higher-functioning teamwork.  Executives, managers and their teams who have played say that the Escape Zone helped with employee and workplace morale. Bring your team for an all-inclusive and affordable adventure.

Parties – Gamers

 Each milestone is unique and exciting so why not celebrate in the same way? Birthdays, Graduations, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs have been celebrated at the Escape Zone!  Our high-energy hosts and coordinators ensure your group an extremely memorable experience. Do something novel, challenging AND exciting to celebrate your next…. Whatever!

You may not remember your age, anniversary or guests, but you won’t forget your time at the Escape Zone!

We Have the Largest Escape Room in Miami: Up to 20 People Can Play At Once!

We specialize in Corporate and Team Building Events providing the largest and most exciting games in Miami.


Team building in Miami

Some of our Team Building Clients